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Order your Free Ring Sizer Would you like us to send you a FREE ring sizer tool? Simply fill in your details below and sign up to our communications. We’ll send you a free ring sizer by post the next day. (UK Only) ORDER YOUR FREE RING SIZER Salutation Mr Mrs Ms Miss Dr Prof […]

What is 18K Gold Vermeil?

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What is Ring size? ‘Ring size’ is a measurement that refers to the inside circumference of a ring. It’s important to know your correct ring size before buying a ring, otherwise it won’t fit properly. Different countries use different standardised systems for denoting ring size. On the right, there’s a chart with the 3 most […]

What is Rose Gold – The Diamond

Rose gold When it comes to purity, rose gold is no different from yellow gold or white gold. 18K rose gold contains 75% gold, and 9K rose gold contains 38% gold. Because copper is a very durable metal, its addition makes rose gold highly suitable for use in all types of fine jewellery items, including […]

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5 jewellery hacks even your jeweller does not know

Untangle a knotted chain with baby powder Knotted necklace chains are a real pain. Most people will use a pin inserted into the knot to loosen it, but this can take ages. So here’s a really clever tip for you – add baby powder for much quicker results! Instructions: Place the chain on a clean […]

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The Perfect Guide To Buying A Ring

Ring Buying Guide Getting Started Rings are the most personal and emotive of all jewellery items. A beautiful ring nestled in a luxury gift box is guaranteed to bring happiness to its new owner This guide will help you choose the perfect ring for the person and the occasion you’re buying it for. We’ll also […]

White gold vs Yellow gold

WHAT IS YELLOW GOLD? Yellow gold – or simply, gold – is a precious metal that occurs naturally. It’s a very soft metal and in its purest form it bends easily out of shape. That’s why gold used in jewellery needs to be mixed with harder alloy metals. These help to make the gold more […]

White gold vs Platinum

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