Diamond certificates

A diamond certificate is a report created by a team of diamond experts in a gemmological laboratory.

Read more about each of these certificates below.

We provide 4 different certificates with our Jewellery:

diamond certification

A diamond certificate includes a detailed and impartial expert assessment of the diamond’s clarity, colour, cut, carat weight and other characteristics.

You may sometimes also hear a diamond certificate referred to as a diamond grading report, diamond quality document or diamond dossier.

The intention of a diamond certificate is to give you a thorough report on the diamond you have purchased. It confirms the diamond’s quality and authenticity, and provides proof of your ownership.

The type of certificate we provide depends on which item you choose to buy. The certificates available are indicated on the product pages.


Certificate of Valuation


All of our jewellery comes with a Certificate of Valuation. This shows the recommended retail price (RRP) for the item, the name and address of the person who ordered it and the date of purchase.

The main purpose of this certificate is to prove ownership for insurance companies.

Certificate of Authenticity


All of our 18K & Platinum diamond and gemstone jewellery comes with The Diamond Store Certificate of Authenticity.

This certificate shows an image and in-depth details of the jewellery that you have purchased. It also includes your name, the recommended retail price (RRP) for the item and a unique certificate number.

Independent SKD Certificate


For All 18K and Platinum Solitaire Engagement Rings And Solitaire Pendants At 0.25 Carat And Above & Diamond Studs Where Each Earring Is Over 0.25 Carat Or Above

For all 18K and Platinum Engagement Rings at 0.25 carat and above we provide an independent SKD Certificate. We also provide this certificate for our solitaire pendants at 0.25 carat and above. In the case of our diamond earrings the total diamond weight for the pair needs to be 0.50 carat or above (i.e. 0.25 carat per stud) to receive an SKD certificate.

The SKD report is an in-depth report on the specific diamond that you have purchased. It acts as your proof of ownership and attests the diamond’s authenticity and quality.

Independent IGI Certificate


For All Solitaire Rings Over 0.5 Carat

For all 18K and Platinum Engagement Rings OVER 0.5 carat diamond weight we provide an independent certificate.

The certificate is issued by one of the following official organisations: Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI) or an independent SKD Certificate.

The intention of these certificates is to provide an in-depth report on the specific diamond that you have purchased.
They also act as proof of ownership, diamond authenticity and quality.