IGL certificates

Our IGL Certified diamonds The IGL certificate that accompanies your diamond includes information such as: Cut, polish and symmetry:This tells you how skilfully your diamond has been shaped from a rough stone. We only accept a minimum cut grade of ‘Very Good’ upwards. Colour:Diamonds are graded on a scale from D (best) to Z (worst). […]

EGL certificates

What does this mean? It means that the diamond you are buying has been through a rigorous and independent testing process and the certificate you receive with your jewellery reflects its true qualities. EGL certified diamonds are also laser-inscribed with their certificate number. This is a further security measure to ensure the certificate you receive […]

GIA certificates

Our GIA certified diamonds We offer a high minimum quality criteria of “Very Good” for all the diamonds in our GIA certified products. These criteria apply to: Cut Grade:Very Good (or better) Polish:Very Good (or better) Symmetry:Very Good (or better) This ensures exceptional quality, appearance and brilliance in all of our GIA certified diamond jewellery. […]

SKD certificates

Does this make an SKD-certified diamond more valuable? Yes. If you ever need to sell your diamond, then the SKD certificate is a good way for any buyer to reliably determine what they are purchasing. The SKD certificate, together with all the documents of ownership that we send you, makes your diamond more valuable than […]

IGI certificates

What does this mean? The diamond you are buying has been through a rigorous testing process and the independent report/certificate you receive with your jewellery confirms its true qualities. These certificates can also be validated on the IGI website. By going onto the IGI website and entering your diamond certificate number, you will be shown […]

Diamond certificates provided by The Diamond Store.co.uk

A diamond certificate includes a detailed and impartial expert assessment of the diamond’s clarity, colour, cut, carat weight and other characteristics. You may sometimes also hear a diamond certificate referred to as a diamond grading report, diamond quality document or diamond dossier. The intention of a diamond certificate is to give you a thorough report […]