What is Rose gold?

Rose gold is a mixture of yellow gold, copper and silver

The copper is what gives rose gold its delicate pink color.

The silver helps to tone down the redness of the copper, achieving a subtler pink shade.

rose gold

Rose gold

When it comes to purity, rose gold is no different from yellow gold or white gold. 18K rose gold contains 75% gold, and 9K rose gold contains 38% gold.

Because copper is a very durable metal, its addition makes rose gold highly suitable for use in all types of fine jewellery items, including engagement rings. As a further benefit, when compared to white gold, rose gold jewellery does not require any re-coating or maintenance during its lifetime.

The copper within rose gold jewellery can darken slightly with age, making its pink luster appear a little redder. This is a natural feature that’s considered desirable in fine rose gold jewellery, because it gives it an exquisite vintage look.

Rose gold became popular in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century, and that’s why it has often been referred to as Russian gold. Today, many people consider it to be the most romantic precious metal because of its pink luster, and it tends to complement all skin tones.