Sustainable Lab Diamonds vs Conflict-free Mined Diamonds

What is the difference between our sustainable lab grown and conflict-free mined diamonds? Is it possible to tell them apart? We explain the differences in origin, quality and price between the two, so that you can make an informed choice.

Are sustainable lab grown and mined diamonds the same?

They are both real diamonds. They are exactly alike optically, physically and chemically.

The main difference is their origin:

Mined diamonds have been extracted from the Earth. They were created by Mother Nature from carbon atoms subjected to intense volcanic heat and pressure deep underground more than 3 billion years ago.

Sustainable lab grown diamonds are grown by scientists in a laboratory. They are created from a tiny shard of a mined diamond which is introduced to carbon atoms, under conditions which replicate the volcanic forces of Mother Nature.

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Are lab grown diamonds sustainable and ethical?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are not extracted from the ground, which makes them environmentally sustainable and ethical as they conserve the Earth for future generations.

Does this make mined diamonds “unethical”?

No. As long as you are buying mined diamonds from a reputable jeweller that abides by the Kimberley Process, your diamonds are ethical because they are conflict-free.

Can you tell the difference by looking at the two?

No, you cannot tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a mined diamond by looking at them.

Therefore, to protect consumers, lab grown diamonds are branded with a microscopic laser mark to distinguish them from mined diamonds.

You cannot see this mark with your naked eye, but a jeweller will be able to see it with specialist magnifying equipment.

Price – Are sustainable lab grown diamonds cheaper?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds, giving you more carats for your budget.

You’ll find most of our popular jewellery ranges available in both options so you’ll be able to compare easily.

Bear in mind, however, that the precious metal setting plays a part in price. Silver is the most affordable, gold is a little more expensive, and platinum is the most expensive.

Are lab diamonds “fake diamonds”?

No, lab diamonds are not fake diamonds. Sometimes people confuse lab grown diamonds with simulants like cubic zirconia, which are not diamonds.

But this is not the case with lab diamonds. Gemmologists (the scientists who study diamonds and gemstones) classify lab diamonds, simply, as diamonds.

Learn more about the identical characteristics of lab diamonds here.

Which has better quality?

Mined diamonds and lab diamonds are quality-graded by gemmologists in exactly the same way using the Four CsCut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight.

Therefore, your diamond (regardless of whether it is lab grown or mined) will simply be graded at the quality it has, for example, Premium Quality, H/Si or E/Vs.

Having said that, since lab diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds per carat, you’ll usually be able to access a much better diamond grade/quality for your budget if you choose lab grown.

So are sustainable lab grown diamonds better?

“Better” is very subjective. It’s like cars. If someone asks you if an Aston Martin or a Ferrari is better, your answer would depend on your individual requirements.

It is the same with lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds.

Sustainable Lab Diamonds vs Mined Diamonds – Which should you choose?

Conflict-free mined diamonds are simply beautiful to look at and last a lifetime. A rare luxury created by Mother Nature, they come with the legacy of having been sourced from the Earth.

Sustainable lab grown diamonds are also stunning to gaze at, and they also last a lifetime. More affordable than mined diamonds, they are additionally sustainable and ethical.

In conclusion, both lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are luxurious, beautiful and sparkling options – and they will both make wonderful gifts for a lifetime. Now, you simply have more choice.

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