The Elara Collection Story

Coloured Lab Diamond Learning

Sustainable Coloured Lab Grown Diamonds Pink, blue and yellow lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. With natural, brilliant colour, they are physically, chemically and visually exactly the same as coloured earth-mined diamonds. What’s more, they are a sustainable choice. Are coloured lab grown diamonds real diamonds? Yes, they are. Coloured lab grown diamonds are real […]

Sustainable Lab Diamonds vs Mined Diamonds

Our Commitment

Sustainability and Ethical Jewellery At The Diamond Store, we strive to make our jewellery products and services more and more sustainable and ethical year on year. From our sustainable lab grown diamonds and precious metals, to conflict-free mined gems, we’re actively working to nurture our world for future generations. Our Sustainability and Ethics Initiatives SUSTAINABLE […]

Carbon Offset

Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for our emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere. We work with Carbon Footprint™ to balance out emissions from our offices, warehouse, workshop and staff commutes. We are also very stringent with our shipping services. Currently, 99.5% of our shipments go out with DPD couriers who […]

Sustainable & Ethical Lab Grown Diamonds

Did you know? All our lab grown diamond jewellery is also set in sustainable and ethical precious metals All of our jewellery that features ethical and sustainable lab grown diamonds is also set in 100% recycled gold, platinum or silver. So that your entire jewellery piece is kind to the environment and local communities. What […]

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