Carbon Certificates

The Diamond Store is committed to combating climate change and sustaining our world for future generations through decarbonisation.

See how we offset emissions:

carbon offset

Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for our emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.

We work with Carbon Footprint™ to balance out emissions from our offices, warehouse, workshop and staff commutes.

We are also very stringent with our shipping services. Currently, 99.5% of our shipments go out with DPD couriers who are committed to a zero-emissions strategy.

For more information, please see the corresponding certifications below.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint™

Our latest carbon offset certificate from Carbon Footprint™ shows how we support a global portfolio of Verified Carbon Reduction Projects.

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DPD Certificate

Carbon Certificate from DPD

Our principal delivery company, DPD, which handles 99.5% of our shipments, is committed to a strategy of zero-emission deliveries.

In 2022, DPD was named Sustainable Business of the Year in the UK’s Business Champion Awards. The company has electrified 1,500 vehicles in its UK fleet, pledged to ‘deliver green’ to 30 large UK cities by 2023 and created the Eco Fund to support community-based sustainable projects.

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Read more about The Diamond Store’s sustainability commitment here. Including our recycled metals, sustainable lab grown diamonds, conflict-free mined diamonds, FSC approved packaging, and more.