Upgrading size/carat weight

Upgrading the size of your diamond means increasing its carat weight

The more carats a diamond weighs, the bigger it is.

But when is a size upgrade recommended?

The larger the diamond is, the rarer it is to find. That’s why an increase in size is a larger investment. When considering the size, think about what she or your friends wear and how you would like to compare.

Below you can see the different diamond sizes we sell. If you’d like a real sense of scale, follow this link for “real size” printable images of our diamonds: Real size diamond measurements.

round shape diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Diameter mm
0.10ct 3.00mm
0.20ct 3.80mm
0.25ct 4.00mm
0.30ct 4.20mm
0.40ct 4.80mm
0.50ct 5.00mm
0.70ct 5.75mm
1.00ct 6.50mm
square shape diamond
Square Princess Cut Diamonds Width mm
0.10ct 2.50mm
0.20ct 3.20mm
0.25ct 3.40mm
0.30ct 3.60mm
0.40ct 4.00mm
0.50ct 4.40mm
0.70ct 4.80mm
1.00ct 5.50mm
emerald shape diamond
Emerald Cut Diamonds Length & Width
0.25ct 4mm x 3mm
0.33ct 5mm x 3mm
0.50ct 8mm x 4mm
1.00ct 10mm x 5mm
pear shape diamond
Pear Shape Diamonds Length & Width
0.30ct 5mm x 3mm
0.50ct 6mm x 4mm
1.00ct 8mm x 5mm
marquise shape diamond
Marquise Diamonds Length & Width
0.25ct 5mm x 3mm
0.50ct 8mm x 4mm
0.75ct 9mm x 4.5mm
1.00ct 10mm x 5mm