Sustainable Coloured Lab Grown Diamonds

Pink, blue and yellow lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. With natural, brilliant colour, they are physically, chemically and visually exactly the same as coloured earth-mined diamonds. What’s more, they are a sustainable choice.

pink lab diamonds
real coloured lab diamonds

Are coloured lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, they are. Coloured lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the exact same physical and chemical composition as coloured diamonds that are mined from the Earth. The only difference is their origin.

State of the art technology allows scientists to replicate the environment underneath the Earth’s crust where coloured diamonds are naturally formed.

This means that real pink, blue and yellow diamonds can now be grown in the laboratory…


pink lab grown diamond

Do coloured lab grown diamonds look the same as earth-mined coloured diamonds?

Yes. Because lab grown diamonds have the same properties as mined diamonds, they look exactly the same.

Pink, blue and yellow lab diamonds will therefore display the same brilliant colours and beautiful sparkle as their mined counterparts.

They can only be told apart by gemmologists using special, high tech laboratory equipment…


Sustainable coloured lab diamonds

Are coloured lab diamonds sustainable?

Yes, all our lab grown diamonds are environmentally ethical and sustainable.

This is because the carbon footprint of lab grown diamonds is much smaller than the one produced by diamond mining.

Sustainably sourced metals

We’re proud to offer our entire lab grown diamond range set in sustainably sourced gold, platinum and silver…


coloured lab diamond certification

Can coloured lab grown diamonds be certified?

Yes, absolutely. Remember, gem experts classify lab diamonds as real diamonds. Therefore, they can be certified just the same as mined diamonds by assessing the Four Cs.

Our Elara Collection of coloured diamonds is independently certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Simply click the Product Specifications tab on our product pages, and you’ll easily see the certificates included with your diamond.


Carats and purity

Are coloured lab grown diamonds more affordable than mined ones?

Coloured lab grown diamonds are a luxury. Growing real diamonds in a laboratory is an exacting and expensive process.

However, compared to the rarity of mined coloured diamonds, lab grown diamonds do offer a considerable saving.

If you buy a lab grown pink, blue or yellow diamond, you can expect to get up to 75% more carats for your budget than when purchasing an equivalent mined diamond…


yellow gold vs white gold

How are pink, yellow and blue lab diamonds coloured?

In a laboratory, pink, blue and yellow diamonds gain their natural colour in the exact same way as diamonds do under the Earth.

While a diamond is growing in the laboratory, natural mineral elements, heat and pressure are applied to it.

Yellow diamonds get their golden hues from nitrogen trace elements. Likewise, boron is responsible for blue diamonds. Pink diamonds, in turn, owe their colour to the unique way they refract light…


Carats and purity

Are coloured lab grown diamonds right for me?

If you’ve had your eye on earth-mined coloured diamonds before, you’ll know their prices can be prohibitive

On the other hand, coloured lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. Luxurious and sustainable, they offer exceptional value, quality and beauty.

Whichever diamond you pick, the most important thing is that you love your jewellery. Now, you simply have more choice.



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