About us

Who are The Diamond Store.co.uk?

Gary Ingram

Hi, I’m Gary Ingram, Founder & MD of The Diamond Store.

I’m very proud to say that we are twice-winners of the prestigious UK Jewellery Awards, and have been nominated for Etailer of the Year several times.

Last time the judges said,“It’s rare that we give a company an award two years running, but with The Diamond Store’s development they well and truly deserved it.”

It’s always an honour to be considered for this prestigious award. We’re very proud of our achievement!

Our Story

I started The Diamond Store ten years ago out of sheer frustration. Having taken the bold decision to get engaged, I was looking for THE ring with which to propose. I had never ventured into a jewellery shop before and with limited diamond knowledge, found the whole process of research and window shopping uninformative and bamboozling.

Walking into a shop didn’t really change things. Sure, the staff were forthcoming and helpful, but just how many rings could I ask to see, and how many questions could I ask, before I became a pain?

My background is in internet marketing so I naturally went online to do some research. I didn’t fare any better on the web. Phrases that spring to mind… information overload, too much detail and overwhelming technical jargon. Girdles, cuts and refraction only served to confuse me more and stalled my decision for fear of buying the worst diamond ever mined.

Thankfully I had good friends in the jewellery industry and they eventually put me right. But it got me thinking, how could we make this process better for everybody? That’s when I knew I could make a difference.

Ten years later the result is the TheDiamondStore.co.uk. A collaboration of experts, twice-winners and multiple nominees for Etailer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards and with more than 185,000 happy customers (and counting).

Our mission is “Luxury with Confidence”. We designed our website to guide you, the customer, to the most suitable jewellery for your budget without compromise and to make your special occasion memorable. We achieve this through a combination of clear and simple design, intelligent software and exceptional customer service.

Gary A Ingram
Managing Director – TheDiamondStore.co.uk